About us

About us

Dairy Innovation and Customer Satisfaction is Key

RSP Design, Inc. brings first-class designs and project implementation using our solid reputation and forward-thinking innovation within the industry. RSP Design, Inc. provides the customer with assurance in every project.  Our team has been in the Dairy industry since 2000 and has completed a number of small to large scale projects in a number of Continents.  
Customer Satisfaction 99%
Loyalty 95%
Results 99%


We recognize that planning for the needs of tomorrow is critical. That’s why innovation is at the core of everything we engineer, design, and manage.


We take every step necessary to achieve the results you desire in the end.


Every project is unique, but our approach is centered around core principles that alleviate the headache and simplify the process of even the most monumental undertakings.

Our team

Kody Rathe
CEO & Founder
Kody Rathe has been working in the dairy industry since the 2000s. He represents and counsels owners and investors in a range of complex dairy and cheese estate transactions Globally, including the representation of owners in connection