Dairy policy and the new Congress

The new Congress that convened in January will have implications for federal dairy policy. Republicans maintain control of the Senate, but Democrats are now in charge of the House of Representatives, which will likely lead to greater oversight of the Trump administration, including the USDA. Moreover, with more than 100 new representatives and senators now seated, we must ensure that Congress understands and appreciates dairy’s unique nutritional benefits.

Schreiber Foods’ cheese operations are built to impress

Visitors to Schreiber Foods’ Fairview cheese converting plant in Carthage, Mo., can’t help but be a bit awestruck. The sheer size of the facility, 330,000 square feet largely dedicated to converting operations and another 140,000 housing a distribution center, is certainly impressive. But the high level of automation found within the various departments is perhaps even more remarkable.

Sales jump in the energy drink segment

Back in 2017, energy drink sales seemed tired. The category experienced only a 2.1% increase in dollar sales and a 1.8% increase in unit sales that year, according to data from Chicago-based market research firm IRI for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 3, 2017.